Grade 9 English (and below)

Fridays 12:00~14:00 • 1 students

Course Description

Schedule: Fridays@12:00~14:00 From 2020-05-22 to 2020-06-07

We will explore a variety of texts, including a Shakespearean plays and other notable works, novels, micro-fiction, and poetry. Students will develop the ability to write in different forms: well-constructed literary paragraphs and essays, short stories, and poetry. They will also write works to be delivered aloud, such as spoken word poetry and persuasive speeches. Discussion skills will also be developed through book talk activities. Literary analysis, the development of your individual creative and persuasive voice, and the advancement of reading habits are all skills that will be nurtured through this course.

Course Instructor


Naila Katekyeza

I'm a Grade 11 student at the Bishop Strachan School

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