IB European History

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Schedule: Mondays@11:00~11:30 From 2020-05-25 to 2020-06-23

I will cover all units of the IB history course, breaking them down by IB Paper.
Paper 1, The Document Exam, focuses on the causes, events and responses of Japanese, German and Italian Expansion.
Paper 2 is an Essay Test which focuses on the Authoritarian States of Hitler, Mao and Stalin, as well as causes and effects of WWI and WW2.
Finally, Paper 3 details the events of Italian and German Unification, Europe and WWI, and the Interwar period known as Versailles to Berlin.
I am also open to tutoring students in the World History course taught in Grade 10.

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Jordan Weiss

Hey guys, my names Jordan. I recently graduated from Upper Canada College and will be attending Western in the fall to study BMOS and Ivey.

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