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Course Description

Schedule: Tuesdays@01:00~03:45 From 2020-05-19 to 2020-06-26

I will be covering how to plan and execute your PP planning, how to track your progress, and how to get a 7.
For TOK, I will helping you to understand all the AOK, how to create a good KQ, and how to create quality claims and counterclaims.
For EE I will be helping you to create a concrete outline to base your essay off of and how you can pick a great topic that will help you succeed.

Course Instructor


Jordy Vaarsi

My name is Jordy and I go to the York School. I am currently in the IB Diploma program! I really want to help others with their learning because I find balancing your academic, mental, and physical wellbeing is very important.

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