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While we may use the word “unprecedented” to describe the present circumstances that shape our lives, what is not “unprecedented” is students uniting together to stay strong. We strive to come together as a community, taking initiative to remind us of the humanity and goodwill inside us.

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“I am so glad that this platform exists! In just a few months, it has allowed me to help teach younger kids from different schools and I have formed amazing bonds and connections.”



“As a student in Grade 10, I cannot tell you how valuable P4P is for me. In a year characterized by virtual learning, I am relieved to have this additional support readily available for all classes.”


Uncertainty is another oft-repeated word during this crisis. Simply put, for students, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding academic pursuits and requirements in the next 6-12 months. As such it is imperative to continue to meaningfully engage with virtual learning and material being taught to be proactive. Not only do we want to be that outlet of support, our goal is to help all students improve both academically and mentally, and come out more developed once COVID-19 ceases to exist.

Our Tutors

At P4P, we pride ourselves in the cohort of tutors accessing our platform. Any student is able to volunteer to become a tutor, however, they must be validated first. Our method is to validate you through a google form, we ask each tutor a few questions and then schedule a brief interview to finalize the process.

Upon selection, there is an integrated feedback mechanism between both tutor and tutee to make sure that they are upholding the highest standard of integrity and empathy in their positions.

Our Mission

Since late March, we have been working together on our newest entrepreneurial venture: Peer4Peer. During this period of uncertainty, we had a lot of time to introspect and reflect, and we realized how lucky we are to go to a school with ample technical and academic support available for all students. As such, we wanted to pursue a project in which we could give back to our community in some way.

At its core, Peer4Peer is a platform that connects both student tutors and tutees to help optimize the current virtual learning experience (as well as to provide virtual companionship). However, many students at public schools and in less privileged areas don’t have nearly as much support as we thankfully do at our school. Thus, we strive for our platform to expand far beyond the walls of private institutions as a means of bonding our local and broader community (GTA) during these turbulent times.


To use Peer4Peer and join the community, you could simply log on by clicking the Dashboard on the upper right hand side corner. Then you will be prompted to log in with Google. After the simple registration/log in is completed, you can navigate to the tutors or classes page and take a look at our amazing team and classes!
The goal of Peer4Peer is to create a student community that could help each other grow and learn. Joining Peer4Peer is like joining a family where we could help each other out whenever in need. By contacting our tutors via email and setting up sessions, you can discuss academic work, school life and even make lots of friends!
If you would like to register as a tutor, you can update your info in your dashboard and scroll down and hand in a request. Our team members will connect with you and walk you throug the process. Also, if you would like to be in this amazing team, maybe help out on planing, outreach, tech etc. plaese contact us at this page

Giving Online Help

Classes will emulate a hybrid format with a mix between an online course and a peer tutoring session.

Excellent Mentors

Individual Help



A startup incubated during COVID-19, Peer4Peer is a student-driven initiative created to help engage fellow students from all backgrounds during these unprecedented times.

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Our Initiative

While we may use the word “unprecedented” to describe the present circumstances, but our students uniting together to stay strong. We strive to come together as a community, taking initiative to remind us of the humanity and goodwill inside us.

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